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6% Profit Target
Who We Are
We are an online prop firm that offers a demo trading evaluation program. Traders can participate in the program for a low upfront fee and have the opportunity to prove their trading skills in a risk-free environment. If they pass the evaluation, they are eligible to receive a simulated profit split on the simulated profits generated in their Simulated Funded Account.
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Our Timeline
Why Choose us!
Our Timeline
June 2020
Upon successfully passing his initial funded account and receiving his first payout, Blake had a profound realization regarding the transformative potential of proprietary trading firms for traders around the world.
April 2023
Following three years of industry experience, Blake discerned numerous inadequacies present within existing firms. Motivated by the ambition to address these gaps and deliver a superior solution to the market, he embarked on the entrepreneurial journey of establishing MyFlashFunding.
August 2023
MyFlashFunding launched to the public, offering the industry's swiftest processing time and the most competitive virtual profit target for securing virtual funding.
Februrary 2024
As of February 2024, MyFlashFunding has paid traders over $650,000, assisted more than 10,000 traders globally, provided 3000 free evaluations, and serves traders from 100+ countries.
Why Choose us!

How Are We Different?

Lowest Target
Our model has the lowest phase 1 profit target in the industry. A profit target of 6% in phase 1 is much more achievable than 8-10% required by other proprietary firms.
No Restrictions
When we say no restrictions, we mean it! We have no time restrictions, allow the use of EAs, trade copiers, and holding trades over the weekend. We have no lot size limits or restrictions on martingale/hedging.
Bi-Weekly Payout
Our profit-sharing model offers an industry-leading 80% split. Payouts can be requested via the dashboard 14 days after your initial trade.
Meet the Founder
Blake Carter
Meet Blake, our CEO. Having passed his first funded account back in 2020, he has garnered extensive knowledge of the inner workings of prop firms, encompassing the good, bad, and the ugly.

Drawing from his experiences, Blake founded MyFlashFunding, a firm that offers traders an unparalleled opportunity to get virtual funded in a flash with almost zero restrictions.

Blake's passionate about transparency and value provision. He is committed to minimizing surface-level talks and driving positive change in everyone he interacts with.

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