Our Evaluations

Trading Evaluations

View our trading objectives below.

Our Evaluations

View which plan is best suited for your needs.

Step 1
The first step of the Evaluation process. You need to succeed here to advance to Step 2.

Prove your trading skills and discipline in observing the Trading Objectives with no time restrictions.
Step 2
The second and the last step towards becoming a Flash Trader. Similar to Step 1, there are no time restrictions.

Once you pass this stage and your results are verified, you will become a Flash Trader with us!
Step 3
Flash Trader
You are now a flash trader at MyFlashFunding. Trade responsibly and consistently and you can earn 80% of the profit you make.

If you are profitable month after month, we offer to increase your account balance according to our scaling plan.
Flash Challenge
6% Target
Bolt Challenge
8% Target
Zeus Challenge
Select Balance
Select Balance
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Why Choose us!

How Are We Different?

Lowest Target
Our model has the lowest phase 1 profit target in the industry. A profit target of 6% in phase 1 is much more achievable than 8-10% required by other proprietary firms.
No Restrictions
When we say no restrictions, we mean it! We have no time restrictions, allow the use of EAs, trade copiers, and holding trades over the weekend. We have no lot size limits or restrictions on martingale/hedging.
Bi-Weekly Payout
Our profit-sharing model offers an industry-leading 80% split. Payouts can be requested via the dashboard 14 days after your initial trade.
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