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The present Privacy Policy set forth the terms and policy applicable to our collection, storage, usage and disclosure of your personal information and data. The present Privacy Policy also specifies the rights available to you in connection with your personal information and data.

Prior to using, please read the present Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, even in part, your sole recourse is to refrain from using the Website.


Any capitalized term in this Privacy Policy have the same definition as set forth in our Terms and Conditions. For reference purposes, the following defined terms have been reproduced and integrated into this Privacy Policy:

“Orders” means an order placed on the Website to purchase a demo account for evaluation purposes, or a particular challenge.

“Personal information” or “Personal data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person allowing for such person to be identified, directly or indirectly. Personal information may consist of your name, location, and address.

“Privacy Policy” means the present Privacy Policy and includes all updates made to this Privacy Policy.

“Services” means tools, including but not limited to analytical tools, training, educational content and accesses on the Website and to third party providers. The Services provided on the Website allow for simulated foreign exchange trading on the Forex market or simulated trading with other instruments on different markets.

“Terms and Conditions” means our Terms and Conditions, as published on the Website.

“Third Party Sites” means third party websites, sites, and/or applications linked or referenced on the Website.

“We”, “us”, “our” and other similar expressions mean the company responsible for handling, operating and managing the Website.

“Website” means

In this Privacy Policy, “you”, “your” and other similar expressions refer to users of the Website.


The present Privacy Policy applies to our collection, usage, storage, maintenance, and disclosure of your Personal information and data provided on the Website. Any submission of your Personal information on the Website is subject to and governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy. The present Privacy Policy further specifies the rights granted to you in connection with your Personal information.

The present Privacy Policy has been prepared based upon the requirements set forth in privacy and data protection laws applicable in the United States, Canada and the European Union. Certain privacy laws and regulations apply specifically to users residing in the States of California and Nevada as well as to users residing in the European Union (EU).


By accessing, browsing, downloading or otherwise using the Website, you will be deemed to have read and agreed to be subject to this Privacy Policy, in full. Accordingly, your usage of the Website signifies your acceptance of the present Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, even partially, please refrain from using the Website.


The Website is intended for users who reached the age of majority in their country of residence. We not knowingly target or advertise to minors. We do not wish to receive any Personal information and data from minors. We will not collect or process Personal information relating to children.

If you are not of the age of majority, you will need your parent or legal guardian’s explicit authorization to use the Website. Your usage of the Website would then need to be supervised by your parent or guardian, as applicable.


You are not required to provide Personal information and data to visit and browse the Website. Personal information you submit on the Website will be voluntarily provided. Please note, however, that while you are not under any obligation to provide Personal information on the Website, you may not benefit from the Services offered on the Website if you have not provided Personal information on the Website. As such, you acknowledge that you may not place an Order on the Website without submitting Personal data.

To place Orders and benefit from the Services, you will need to create an account on the Website. If you do create such an account, you will be required to submit Personal information, such as your first and last name, email address, residential or business address, phone number, and payment method.


We are committed to protecting Personal information submitted on the Website. Accordingly, we only collect Personal data that has been voluntarily provided on the Website.

Considering you may place Orders on the Website, you may need to input your payment information, such as credit card information or other payment method. Your payment information shall be maintained and stored by a third party payment processing company. The payment processing company may retain your payment information to allow you to place subsequent Orders on the Website, without having to input your payment information on a recurring basis.

You acknowledge that in order to benefit from certain Services on the Website, you may be subject to a verification process, as further described in our Terms and Conditions. As such, we may proceed with the verification and confirmation of your identity. We may delegate such verification process to a designated third party.

We may collect indirect identifiers, such as your IP addresses, when your visit, browse or use the Website. Indirect identifiers are anonymous, and do not allow for your identification.

Moreover, we may collect information regarding your browsing and usage history, such as trades made, Orders placed and other similar information. We may collect such information to provide personalized recommendations to you and to proceed with our verification of your account.

We will also automatically collect information obtained through cookies, pixel tags and web beacons.


We will handle, safeguard and protect Personal data obtained from the Website in compliance with all applicable data protection legislation. To ensure Personal data is processed in accordance with applicable laws, we implemented strict measures to safeguard and protect Personal information.

We will not share or disclose your Personal information, except if necessary for legitimate purposes. As such, we may disclose your Personal information to a third party to fulfill the following purposes: (i) to provide the Services offered on the Website, (ii) to process payments made on the Website and (iii) to process and confirm Orders placed on the Website.

Personal information may be disclosed to any of our trusted partners and affiliates. In such cases, the disclosure of Personal information will be strictly limited to information that is required to fulfill the purpose of the disclosure. Further, we will not share your Personal data with partners or affiliates, unless they are bound by confidentiality obligations as strict and binding as those set forth in this Privacy Policy.

We will take necessary precautions and measures to protect your Personal data from unauthorized access and breaches. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you understand that the transmission of Personal information over the Internet is not fully secure. Consequently, we are unable to guarantee that Personal data will be safely transmitted on the Website at all times. You therefore agree that your submission of Personal information on the Website is at your sole risk.


We agree to use Personal data solely to fulfill the purposes listed in the present Privacy Policy. All our usage of Personal information will be limited to the extent required by our legitimate business interest and in accordance with applicable laws.

We may use your Personal data for any of the following purposes:

8.1 To comply with a court order, legal obligation or applicable law

We will disclose all information required by a legal obligation or a valid court order. Considering the urgent nature of any court orders or legal obligations, we may not be able to notify you prior to the disclosure of your Personal information for such purposes. You waive your right to be notified prior to our disclosure of any Personal information as required by law or by a valid court order. We undertake to disclose the requested Personal information, but we will ensure the information disclosed is restricted to that which is strictly needed to comply with the court order or law.

8.2 To provide the Services and Fulfill Orders

We will use your Personal data to fulfill the purpose of the Website, namely to fulfill Orders and to provide the Services.

8.3 To email a newsletter

We may use the email address you provided on the Website to send you a newsletter on a regular basis by email. You may unsubscribe to our newsletter by selecting the unsubscribe option in the email received or by sending us an email at

8.4 In furtherance of public interest or the public domain

8.5 To obtain statistical and analytical data

We may use your Personal information to obtain analytical data. We may collect statistical data to analyze performance data, metrics and statistics relating to the use of the Website, the effectiveness of the Services and other relevant data. More specifically, we may collect Personal information to track your visits to the Website, total clicks, total amounts paid for Orders and trades completed.

8.6 To fulfill your request, according to the consent provided

You may grant us an explicit consent to use your Personal information for purposes beyond those specified in this Privacy Policy. You can consent to us using your Personal information for specific marketing purposes and to benefit from certain Services. To be valid, any consent you provide must set out the scope of the consent and the duration thereof.

Provided your consent complies with the terms of this Privacy Policy, we will be authorized to use your Personal information to the extent specified in your consent.


You benefit from certain rights in connection with Personal information you provided on the Website. Any requests you submit to exercise your rights in connection with your Personal information may be sent to us by email at

9.1 Right to be Informed

You have the right to be informed of our collection and usage of your Personal information. To exercise your right to be informed, as protected by data privacy laws, please send us an email to request information regarding how we collect, use and process your Personal information.

We will respond to your request in a timely manner as of our receipt of your email request. You acknowledge that we may only provide Personal information that is readily available and that does not violate any applicable data protection laws.

9.2 Right to Correct

If you determine that the Personal information we hold about you is wrong, please send us an email requesting the correction of such incorrect information. You may also make changes to the Personal information contained in your user account by logging into your account and making all appropriate changes.

9.3 Right to Delete Your Account

You have the right to delete your account on the Website by sending an email to Once your account is deleted, your Personal data in connection with your deleted account will be deleted as well, unless otherwise specified

9.4 Right to Revoke Your Consent

You may consent to us using your Personal information for purposes beyond those provided in this Privacy Policy. You benefit from the right to revoke any consent provided to us by sending us a written request by email.


We will retain and store your Personal information in our secure servers so long as you have an active account on the Website. Accordingly, unless we indicate otherwise, your Personal data will be retained and stored in our servers until further notice. Your Personal information may be retained for a predetermined period following your last connection on or usage of the Website.


California residents are granted the right to request information regarding the disclosure of their Personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. California residents benefit from the right to access, which consists of the right to be informed of our collection and usage of Personal information. California privacy laws grant California residents additional rights, including the right to access any Personal information collected and the right to request the deletion thereof.

Any California residents who wish to exercise such rights under California privacy laws may send us an email.


Nevada residents have the right to disallow the sale or licensing of their Personal information by third parties. To exercise such right, Nevada residents should send us an email.


Residents of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to the General Data Protection 2016/679, commonly known as the GDPR. The GDPR sets forth the terms applicable to the collection, usage and transfer of Personal data. The GDPR grants its data subjects rights regarding the usage, collection and handling of their Personal data.

To exercise the rights granted to users under this Privacy Policy or by the GDPR, users residing in the European Union may send us a written request by email. The email request must specify the user’s identity, the Personal data requested, and the reason behind the request. Any legitimate requests will be fulfilled. We may refuse to fulfill a request if it is unfounded or not compliant with the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.


The present Privacy Policy applies solely and exclusively to the Website. Any links to Third Party Sites on the Website are provided solely for convenience purposes. The inclusion of Third Party Sites on the Website does not imply our endorsement of such Third Party Sites. The inclusion of any links to Third Party Sites on the Website does not imply our affiliation or association with such Third Party Sites. The Third Party Sites will be governed by their own Privacy Policies.


We may update the present Privacy Policy, at any time, at our full and sole discretion. The latest version of this Privacy Policy will be published on the Website. The date of the latest update made to this Privacy Policy will be indicated in the header. The latest version of the present Privacy Policy will be enforceable as of the date specified in the header.


We welcome any questions and comments regarding this Privacy Policy. Please send us your questions and comments to us by email at

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