11/21 Community Updates

February 16, 2024


Welcome to the latest edition of our Community Updates, where we bring you the latest news, promotions, and happenings in our trading community. As we dive into the second half of November, we've got exciting updates and plans that aim to enhance your trading experience. Read on to stay in the loop!

Promotions: FLASH20 and FLASH40 Deals!

This month, seize the opportunity to elevate your trading experience with our exclusive promotions. Use code FLASH20 to enjoy a generous 20% off all accounts throughout November. For those eyeing the 10k accounts, FLASH40 gives you an incredible 40% off. Take advantage of these deals before the month ends!

Black Friday Extravaganza: CODE BLACK

Our Black Friday sale is now live! Utilize the code "BLACK" from now until November 26th to unlock exclusive deals and discounts. It's the perfect time to enhance your trading portfolio and gear up for the upcoming market opportunities.

Payout Highlights: November Edition

We're thrilled to announce that our bi-weekly payouts are going strong, with 40 payouts already this November. The total payout so far is an impressive $73.1k, and when factoring in refunds, it reaches a substantial $80.3k. We're committed to rewarding our traders for their dedication and success.

Community Events: Gaming Extravaganza!

Join us for an action-packed weekend with a Call of Duty (COD) game on Sunday and a poker game on Monday. It's a fantastic opportunity to unwind, connect with fellow traders, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Upcoming Events: Quiz Games and More!

Get ready for some brain-teasing fun as we introduce Quiz Games starting November 29th. These engaging sessions will become a regular Wednesday feature. Mark your calendars and prepare for exciting challenges!

Social Media Milestones: Join the Conversation!

Our community is thriving on social media! We're approaching 17k followers on Twitter, celebrating 20k members on Discord, and reaching 4k followers on Instagram. Join the conversation, stay updated, and connect with fellow traders.

Focus on Support and User Experience: What's Next?

As we head into the rest of November, our focus is on enhancing support team organization. Expect an improved support ticket system moving exclusively to Intercom. Don't worry; you can still open tickets through Discord. Additionally, we're dedicated to refining the user experience, particularly post-evaluation. Exciting news awaits as we streamline the Flash Trader account process, ensuring faster issuance for our valued traders.

Submit Your Questions: #ama-questions Tab

Have burning questions or suggestions? We want to hear from you! Utilize the #ama-questions tab on our Discord to submit your queries for future Community Updates. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to grow and evolve together.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments in our trading community. Happy trading!


The information provided in this Community Update is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Trading involves risk, and individuals should seek advice from qualified financial professionals before making any trading decisions.

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